Technology Automation

Technology Automation: The concept of e-ticketing for Air Travellers from around the World is rising along with the growing technology-driven platform and State-of-the-Art Technology Infrastructure in place. Studies show that over 90% of the population today prefer electronic ticketing, or E-Ticketing Solutions, or e-tickets, as it can save them time by ensuring that they can buy tickets at any point of time, maybe all the 365 days around the year, without the help of any other person.

When the expectation of over 90% of the population of the world is to use a better technology-driven platform wherein their work to book a ticket is very minimal. This is exactly the path that many people are looking for from a Travel Interface Provider to connect Customers to the Airline Reservation System as part of Technology Automation.

Today, most people are keen and have many apprehensions regarding how easier it could be that they could talk to the Booking Engine and it would work as a Personal Assistant for them. Following the questions raised by most of the people who book online: –

1. Can we can implement Technology Automation Online Flight Booking?

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Nothing can be more annoying for a customer than typing out an Online Form, which is a cumbersome process of searching, selecting and entering information on an airline’s website or other 3rd Party Booking Site. This booking process until the payments checkout process on most airlines’ websites is somewhere between 5–7 steps. This could be tedious and sometimes ridiculous as well.

Therefore, one of my marketing survey questions was to understand whether the Customer gets annoyed during a Manual Booking process that uses the Conventional Method like Typing. Ove 60% of them felt, they are annoyed with this the current conventional process and they a Technology Updation to make their life easier than the current systems and booking engines in place.

2. Do you prefer your tickets to be booked with more ease?

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According to the Literature Survey done, Nearly 55% of each responded worldwide were more eager to make life easier while booking an Air Ticket. Therefore, I decided to send out a Marketing Research Survey form to my Target Audience and I was really more surprised to know that 85.2% of all the responded in my Target Audience also shared the same opinion that they are looking for easier steps while booking an Air Ticket. Preferably, using Technology Advancement on the Website, App or Blog sites as well.

3. Do you want Automated Personal Assistants to work for them?

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This is the most preferable manner in which each and every responded felt that they need a Personal Assistant to do their Ticket Booking with ease and making it less cumbersome and in seconds. Going forward this is the most interesting feature that needs to be made a part of the Technology Automation System within the Online Air Ticketing System.

4. Do you prefer to have the Tickets Booked through Technology Platforms?

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People prefer to Book their Tickets through many technology platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.

About 40% of the respondents in my marketing survey have mentioned they love technology advancements on any of the platforms listed above as they already have such devices and they prefer those devices to work as “Personal Assistants” for them. Whereas, another 32% also feel that “SECURITY” of each of these devices should be of Prime Importance when we Automate these Devices, to make the Air Ticket Booking a “worthwhile” exercise.

5. Should we pay for technology advancement, if the Online Ticketing Solution can make your life easier?

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This is the fear that most of the Air Travellers think, “Should we pay for the technology advancement?”.

Well, almost 56% of the respondents intend to pay for Technology Advancement only if it NOT more than 5% of the Ticket Booking Cost.

Whereas, another 36% DO NOT intend to bear the cost of the Technology Advancement. They are sceptical, whether the vendor will charge users based on the time they use Technology. This is something that cannot be brushed aside, as “Efficient” Costing is a Key Component for Technology Advancements.


The world is moving in a Faster Pace due to Technology Automation in each and every sector. Airline Ticket Booking Automation also is on the tip of a “Paradigm Shift” with respect to Technology Advancement. As per the survey conducted by TripyCorp the biggest problem that we can solve in the E-Ticketing Sector, are the following: –

  1. Automation of delivering tickets at affordable cost and lesser time period,
  2. Personal Assistants based Technology Advancement